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Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD)

Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD) in Miami & Doral, FLA temporary anchorage device, or TAD, can be used to accelerate tooth movement in combination with braces or as an alternative to headgear. The Doral & Miami Centers for Orthodontics offer TADs and other appliances to help patients achieve straight, healthy smiles. We are proud to serve the residents of Miami Springs, Kendall, Hialeah, and the neighboring areas of Florida.

What is a Temporary Anchorage Device?

A temporary anchorage device, often called a TAD, is a small titanium screw that is placed in the gum and anchored into the jaw bone. The use of a TAD helps to accelerate tooth movement, decreasing the length of your orthodontic treatment. It is typically used in combination with braces and can also be used as a headgear alternative. Once placed, the TAD can be connected to the braces to provide the extra amount of force necessary to facilitate the proper positioning of the teeth. Many patients are able to shorten the length of their braces treatment by a few months with the use of TADs.

Is a TAD Painful?

Before inserting a TAD, your orthodontist will numb the area with a local anesthetic. This ensures that the patient remains entirely comfortable during the treatment. Once inserted, you will hardly notice it in your mouth. You may experience some discomfort or soreness immediately after the treatment, but this will fade within a few days. Tylenol or other pain relievers can be used to manage this discomfort if necessary.

How Long Will I Need a TAD?

The needs of each patient are different, so the length of time you will have a temporary anchorage device will vary. In most cases, TADs are only used for a few months. During your appointment, if you require a TAD as part of your braces treatment, we will inform you how long you can expect to have it and the impact it will have on your overall treatment. Once it is no longer needed, the TAD is easily and painlessly removed.

Do I Need to Clean My TAD?

The best way to ensure that your TAD remains clean is by practicing good oral hygiene. This includes brushing and flossing after every meal to eliminate any food residue. We will also provide you with an anti-bacterial mouthwash that can help keep the TAD clean and eliminate the risk of infection following its insertion.

The use of a TAD can help accelerate your orthodontic treatment while minimizing discomfort. To learn more about this technique or to schedule an appointment, contact us today. The Doral & Miami Centers for Orthodontics welcome patients from Miami Springs, Kendall, Hialeah, and the neighboring areas of Florida.